Nov 28

Welcome back the sexy, Latina hottie, Sofia Saunders.

Sofia takes her time teasing her little pig boy until his cock drips with pre-cum. She fingers his ass, jerks his cock and straddles his face with her luscious ass. She leans down close and puts her own hard, thick cock to his lips. He kisses her cock. This is the last time he will take a calm breath.

Sofia is a powerhouse of a Dom, she fucks fast and hard with every inch of her stiff cock. She spins around in his ass and fucks him in a reverse pile driver – a move that can not be explained in words – that needs to be seen!

Sofia jerks every drop out of his cock while fucking him and pulls out with an explosive load of her own.

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Nov 27

Jaffi, the new Sultan of the land has a cunning plan, to finally get revenge on Ali and win back the beautiful Princess Jasmina.. After summonsing the Genie, jealous Jaffi begins to make his three magic wishes.. First, he orders the Genie to steal Jasmina away from her limpy lover and bring her this Palace.. The Genie does so but Jasmina arrives upset and in a feisty mood. Jaffi then makes his second wish, and transforms Genie into the ultimate shemale, with huge milky tits, long silky hair, strong Amazonian thighs, and a hung cock with which he could tear open even the tiniest of tight asses. Jasmina is left in quiet ore, stunned at the size of the hung tranny naked in front of her. Jaffi’s third and final wish is for trans Genie to as rape Jasmina and send her into uncontrollable bouts of passion and ecstasy. Genie is obliged to obey, pulling out all his tricks to send juicy Jasmina into multiple orgasms, fucking her mouth and tits, tonguing her clitty and sucking her pussy juices dry, before filling her virgin pussy with a huge slab of blue Genie cock. With her fanny covered in magical spunk Jasmina’s clit begins to react, growing into a hefty hung cock of her own. But Jaffi, who has been watching and wanking for the whole time, is not shocked at all, the calculating sultan had planned this all along, as he wheels out a petrified Ali, stripped and bound, starring at two hung and horny shemales. His wishes may have run out, but Jaffi’s fun has only just begun..

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Nov 26

Jesse has her eyes on the new guard at She soon finds out that he is single and decides to take advantage of him. Jesse follows him into a bathroom and locks the door behind her. See how Jesse breaks in her new boy toy.

Nov 25


He hired a maid because he could never bring himself to keep his house clean. He’s a little bit lazy when it comes to that stuff so he figured he would pay a girl to come by once a week and keep things spiffy. Little did he know that she would be so gorgeous. One day he was sleeping while she was picking things up around the bedroom and he happened to open his eyes right as she was flashing her asshole and her big shemale cock. He hired a shemale maid! The only thing to do was tell her that he couldn’t be happier that she didn’t like wearing panties and that she had such a big and beautiful cock. He would have to fuck her and now every time she came over she would get to pleasure his cock along with cleaning his house. Her asshole would become his own personal play space and his hard dick would be in there as often as he could manage. Just look at how hard and deep he fucks her today. He pounds her in every position he can manage. He shoots his cum all over her tight body too. is your favorite things combined, horny trannies and great toons!

Nov 24

shemaletugjobs2Model: Isabella Di Avilla
Movie length: 15 minutes
Photos: 161

Isabella is sleek and slender blonde tranny that loves to dress up sexy just so she can have the fun of doing a striptease for the camera. This shemale babe is definitely a lovely sight in her little black dress while she relaxes on her lounge chair. But don’t be fooled by that innocent act. This horny T-girl has a naughty streak a mile wide and it doesn’t take long before she is undressing and playing with her juicy shecock, tugging it hard and fast until she ready to spew her juices.

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Nov 23


We finally have Bruna Saltelly in this new episode and the hardcore is hot and raw. Watch big cock shemale babe Bruna punish this straight guy’s ass bareback. She pounds him hard over and over until they both unleash huge messy loads. This raw hardcore is intense!

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Nov 22

Ayla Marie debuts in porn here on and who better to pair her with but the super dominate, sexy, Jessica Fox. Shipping Girls Gone Wild – Jessica Fox seduces her mail room co-worker as the two battle the broken heater that is blasting the room. A hot, steamy room, frustrating, tedious work, and two hot ladies who could give two shits if the packages they are wrapping arrive anywhere on time. Jessica pounces on Alya and takes total control of her – licking her pussy, fucking her in every position and cumming a huge load in her mouth.


Nov 21

shemaletugjobs6Model: Sandy Lopez
Movie length: 17 minutes
Photos: 150

Oh my, this erotic and sultry Latina shemale has a way of eating her chocolate bar that will have you on your knees and ready to beg to unwrapped and sucked on too. Sandy is sexy T-girl with delicious curves and a plump shecock she just can’t keep her hands off of. But once you get a look at that velvety girl pole she is packing in her panties, you will understand perfectly why she loves playing so much. And you will be wanting to get your hands on that tasty looking shecock too.

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Nov 20

They’re two horny sluts and there’s nothing going to stop them from fucking their brains out in the spa. The blonde has the big cock and the brunette has the ass and when they get together you’re going to see some totally nasty tranny fucking. It’s dirty and depraved and just what you want to see.

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Nov 19

Kayla is back – we just can not get enough of this sexy babe and her enormous cock! She rocks Sebastian’s ass like he’s a virgin and makes an absolute mess of his face as she cums all over him.

Sebastian cums twice for the pounding and face fucking. Kayla really like to have her massive dick tongue worshiped so this update is for the blow job lovers out there.

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