Nov 22

Ayla Marie debuts in porn here on and who better to pair her with but the super dominate, sexy, Jessica Fox. Shipping Girls Gone Wild – Jessica Fox seduces her mail room co-worker as the two battle the broken heater that is blasting the room. A hot, steamy room, frustrating, tedious work, and two hot ladies who could give two shits if the packages they are wrapping arrive anywhere on time. Jessica pounces on Alya and takes total control of her – licking her pussy, fucking her in every position and cumming a huge load in her mouth.


Nov 21

shemaletugjobs6Model: Sandy Lopez
Movie length: 17 minutes
Photos: 150

Oh my, this erotic and sultry Latina shemale has a way of eating her chocolate bar that will have you on your knees and ready to beg to unwrapped and sucked on too. Sandy is sexy T-girl with delicious curves and a plump shecock she just can’t keep her hands off of. But once you get a look at that velvety girl pole she is packing in her panties, you will understand perfectly why she loves playing so much. And you will be wanting to get your hands on that tasty looking shecock too.

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Nov 20

They’re two horny sluts and there’s nothing going to stop them from fucking their brains out in the spa. The blonde has the big cock and the brunette has the ass and when they get together you’re going to see some totally nasty tranny fucking. It’s dirty and depraved and just what you want to see.

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Nov 19

Kayla is back – we just can not get enough of this sexy babe and her enormous cock! She rocks Sebastian’s ass like he’s a virgin and makes an absolute mess of his face as she cums all over him.

Sebastian cums twice for the pounding and face fucking. Kayla really like to have her massive dick tongue worshiped so this update is for the blow job lovers out there.

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Nov 17


Being the fuck puppet creation of a mad scientist can have it’s fun points, we were once two wild animals captured and experimented on, but given human genes we became large, horny shemale fucking machines. At first life was great, we got to fuck and play dirty all day and night, but eventually our creator got tired of us and he became more interested in other experiments. When the mad scientist’s new Minotaur creation was complete he kicked us out of the lab, losing interest in us completely. We felt sad and lonely, but moreover, we felt crazy horny. At first we just started fucking each other, it was against the rules without our creator’s permission, but we didn’t care anymore and wanted some revenge. But this wasn’t enough, we wanted greater revenge, and when we saw the entrance to Minotaur’s cell still unlocked we took the opportunity to get the perfect payback. The monster hung Minotaur was helplessly chained to the walls with his huge cock hanging out. We immediately fell to our knees and began working on his meaty weapon, sucking and biting his balls, gagging on his cock and waking him from his slumber. Once awake we went to town on his ass, ramming it with huge dildos until it was ready to be pounded by our huge cocks. We fucked him so hard and raw that his asshole was left stretched wide open and he began begging for us to fire our cream into his mouth. This was the perfect opportunity to show our creator just what we had done, by firing huge amounts of jism all over Minotaur’s, mouth, face, and body leaving him totally drenched in our shemale juices.

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Nov 16 presents “The League of Extraordinary Transsexuals” featuring three of the sexiest, most feminine cock divas you will ever see punishing men in a remote villa in Northern Italy. Part One: “Cruel and beautiful punishment” introduces the sexy women and their helpless men who wait in fear in the cold cellar. Every country has its secret service both within the social structure of law and disciplinary action and above the law in a hierarchy of crime and punishment. “The League” has its own rules and those who break them pay not a prison sentence but a painful punishment. Meet Graziella – a curvacious women with a mighty ass, huge tits and a punishing cock. She smokes a long thin cigarette while her helpless man rubs oil all over her beautiful body. She fucks him like a rag doll and edges him to mere seconds before he cums only to deny him and leave him to shiver in the freezing shed. This high quality production will not have you reading subtitles to get the story, it will have you right in the thick of their cocks fast as though you were there getting punished.

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Nov 15

She had done it before, many times, when Roger’s shemale girlfriend was doing her washing and ironing she’d often wear Roger’s clothes and usually his favourite jacket, or a fresh pair of pants. So this time Roger decided he’d teach her a lesson and whilst she was doing her ironing and sporting a pair of Roger’s favourite briefs, he snuck into her lingerie draw and slipped into her favourite red stockings and suspenders. To surprise her further Roger crept up behind his tranny lover and grabbed her by the dick. Roger was expecting her to be mad, or at least find it funny, but instead Sammie was sprouting an immediate boner which in turn got Roger excited and his cock stood to attention as he was sure she was about to let him fuck her ass.. But not quite.. Sammie was incredibly turned on and desperate to fuck but she wanted Roger to finish the job, She had often fantasised about fucking another tranny but Roger needed to go the full hog and forced him to wear makeup and act more girly. Something very strange was coming over Roger, he’d always been a very macho guy, despite his love of ladyboy ass, but all of a sudden he was finding his feminine side and although it started out as a joke, Roger was feeling more horny than ever in his girlfriend’s stockings, and instead of his dick being hungry to fuck her ass, it was his own ass hole that was twitching and wanting to take his girlfriend’s huge cock. Soon enough Roger’s butt was taking all 10 inches of his partner’s shemale cock and it felt good. Sammie fucked her man like crazy, getting harder and deeper with each stroke, and it wasn’t long before he covered his gal in a huge cum explosion!

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Nov 14

Blonde tgirl bombshell Sarah Barros is featured today in this hot hardcore bareback scene. Watch as this bronze skin blonde shemale beauty shows off her body, sucks cock and gets her round phat ass barebacked deep and hard. She get’s finished off with a cum shower!


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Nov 13


The young blonde knocks on the dean’s door with a nervous hand. She’s been called down to the office for the first time in her career at the school and she doesn’t know what the dean wants. When the door opens she sees the beautiful redhead that runs the school standing on the other side of the desk looking even more alluring than usual. The dean is in no mood to mess around and she takes off her skirt and reveals a big shemale cock immediately. The blonde must suck her dick and submit to a hardcore fuck or be kicked out of school. It will come as no surprise that she gets to sucking right away. It’s a very good school and more than anything she wants to keep her scholarship. The dean gets an amazing blowjob from the beautiful blonde creature and then she bends her over and nails her from behind. It’s a wet pussy that her long shemale cock fucks hard and it makes her feel like a bossy babe. She likes pounding hot hole and she likes hearing the girl moan and groan so loudly. When she’s done she cums all over the slut’s hot little face.

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Nov 12

This hardcore scene is truly great and features the nymphomatic shemale Yasmin Pires. Watch this cock craving hottie deep throat a big cock and then take it deep from every imaginable position all condom free bareback. There’s nothing like seeing a hot shemale fucked raw!

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