Jul 30


As Evalina the tranny witch, and Brian the nerdy young stud, lay exhausted and covered in spunk after a long passionate Halloween fuck session, their rest was disturbed by the entrance of Lin, Evalina’s shemale, witch apprentice. Lin very keen to show her mentor just what she could do to a handsome young, hung guy, after hours riding around the woods on her broom Lin already had a huge boner and she soon whipped it out and forced it deep into Brian’s mouth. Brain was tired after fucking Evalina so hard and for so long, but his ass was still untouched, so as Lin throat fucked him it was Evalina’s chance to fuck his behind. She drilled his ass, ramming him like a broken pinball machine, making sure every last millimetre of her meat made it’s away inside of him. Fiercely fucked and spit roasted, Brain didn’t know how to react as all of a sudden he was tossed to one side as the two hung tranny witches began pleasuring each other. Evalina rewarded Lin’s hard throat fucking work with a sloppy blow job, before letting Lin fuck her ass. As Lin fucked he mentor’s ladyboy pussy Brian saw it as his chance to get back into the actions, and he entered Lin’s ass as she continued to fuck Evalina. Things got out of control as they fucked all around the house, fucking so wildly they began inventing new position, including some which could only be achieved by a little magic and a lot of horny determination. Finally, Brian was bent over the giant Halloween pumpkin and they took it un turns to fuck him with ferocity, not letting him rest until they had both unloaded their balls all over his ass and back.

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Jul 29

Another comic with Nicole remembering high school drawn by our new artist. Seems the teacher is having a problem with both Nicole and Amanda. The teacher sets up a meeting to see Nicole’s Aunt for dinner at Nicole’s house. Nicole is not that worried about the meeting and will not have any problems on the test or anything else with this teacher.

Jul 28

Welcome today’s mega cock tranny, Kamilly Santos! This Brazilian shemale hottie has all the key features, dark bronze skin, plump tits and one amazing cock. Watch as this beauty puts on a hot striptease before whipping out her cock and stroking it until it bursts a big load of cum.

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Jul 27

Check out this fabulous new shemale superstar Lethicia Ambrosio in her first hardcore bareback shoot with us. Watch as this big cock shemale hottie gets her mouth and ass destroyed until she is left covered in cum. As always it’s raw with no condoms!


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Jul 26

Today we have a new big cock shemale beauty on display for you to enjoy. Meet Keylla Marques and don’t miss her big cock and phat round ass. Watch as Keylla slowly strips and shows off her feminine side before grabbing ahold of her big package and rubbing one out.


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Jul 18

This Rayssa Rhaielen’s first time on our site and we wanted to make it something to remember for her and you. Watch as this stunning shemale gets fucked hard bareback in this episode. She was not shy at all, she took a big cock like a pro and begged for a cum shower!


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Jul 17

La Cherry Spice is smoking hot!! But sugar and Spice is not always nice. This spicy vixen will tie you up, crush your balls, cane you feet, and fuck your ass. So don’t forget to say please and thank you.. Just ask Max he now knows what sweet Cherry and hot Spice taste like!!!

Jul 16


You all wanted to see more (a lot more) of my cock so here it is. Plenty of close ups for you to imagine your mouth around it, and of course plenty of positions for you to get excited about it. For all those wanting my cock up close and personal you now can… open wide!

Jul 15

We have a special treat for you today, check out blonde bombshell Pryscilla Dior. She’s looking stunning today in that sexy yellow outfit, but the real fun begins when she starts stripping. Watch her get naked and show off that fabulous feminine body and amazing cock!


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Jul 14

The girls were out at sea, unwinding after another successful mission. As always, once away from prying eyes, the girls would strip naked, safe in the knowledge that their secret transsexuality would not be discovered.. No sooner were they naked and the fun would begin; It doesn’t take long for a tranny cock to get erect in a room full of naked flesh, and it was nothing unusual for the girls to help each other out, taking turns to please one and other in the comfort and revelry of another victory in the line of fire. Syd and Jay started to get kinky, they were soon stroking each other to their ‘full potential,’ begging Abbs to cum over and join them – nothing was more satisfactory than a cosy cabin 3some – But Abbs was not in the right mood, there was clearly something on her mind, and she headed for the deck, leaving the restless ladyboy pair to get into some steamy lesbian action.. Up on the deck Abbs approached the rugged Sean and took him to a quiet corner of the boat. She confessed her love for him; a love which she could hold back no longer, a love which some might call lust, and more importantly, a love which she could only truly express by parting her trans ass cheeks and sitting on Sean’s swollen meaty member. Whilst Jay and Syd were banging away down below in the cabin, Sean was pounding Abbs wanting behind with all the power he could muster. The boat rocked incessantly as the two couples fucked and fornicated on all levels of the boat, and they sprayed their pent up juices just in time, as a call came in to the ship.. Fucking fun was always at hand, but trouble was never far away. It’s all part of being a secret tranny secret agent.

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