Oct 30

In action today is the mega cock Brazilian tranny pornstar Vivian Porto. Watch this stunning tgirl exchange oral pleasure with a guy before she has her way with his tight ass. Vivian stretches his ass to it’s limits in this scene and pounds him relentlessly until they both fire huge cumloads.

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Oct 29
Starring: Larissa
Story: Sometimes those sexy secretary types who work in the office can be a little deceptive. Like this lady – tall, strong, with firm breasts bursting out of that button down shirt. But when someone comes asking for a little help, she knows exactly which kind of help to give. This boy loves a woman up top but he’s still got to have a cock…and that’s when our secretary reveals her biggest, baddest secret!

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Oct 28

Fiery redhead shemale Pamella Halquina is back for an encore in today’s update. This is Pamella’s second time with us, I told you she would be back! Watch as this naughty shemale shows off her body in a slow striptease before she whips out her long cock and works it hard.


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Oct 27

Lion-O had been letting his horny curiosity getting the better of him, it was the height of mating season and he couldn’t stop spying on Cheetara, trying to get a glimpse of her lovely kitty tits. His best chance finally came as Cheetara went down to the waterfall to bathe. Lion-O hide amongst the rocks and with one paw down his pants he watched on as Cheetara stripped down to her athletic babe-alicious figure. Peeping at her large firm breast was not enough for Lion-O and he climbed closer to get a better look at what he expected to be a furry kitty pussy, but instead saw the biggest cock you could imagine. He instantly let out a loud gasp which was heard by the semi naked Cheetara. Cheetara immediately spotted Lion-O, and being the fastest of all the Thundercats, she was there stood above him before he could even get up. Cheetara started pawing at Lion-O’s pants, as for her it was only fair that he show her his Lion cock seeing as he had now seen her hung tranny weapon! But Lion-O was ashamed; he had a very small dick and knew she wouldn’t be impressed. His cock size mattered very little to Cheetara because her plans involved inserting her massive member into his ass, rather than any other way around! Lion-O tried to escape, at first sight he was excited by his shemale discovery, and was even open to the idea of being fucked for the first time, but once up close it was clear Cheetara’s gigantic cock was too big for him, and perhaps any ass in the world to take! Though Lion-O tried to escape he was soon lassoed by the anaconda cock and dragged back, pinned up against the rocks and impaled on the large lady log. Lion-O had to summons all his strength to get through the pain of his brutal ass pummelling, eventually managing to almost enjoy the horny encounter, before taking the creamiest of creamy cum facials!

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Oct 26

Today we have the sexy tranny Mylenna Bittar dressed up as a naughty police officer. Watch as this tgirl struts around showing off that big ass, then whips out her cock and strokes it until it explodes. I don’t know about you but she can definitely take me into custody anytime!


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Oct 24

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Just fast forward to the pop shot, watch her massive load cover his face and then go back to see what got Chanel so hot to pop like that much cum! We mean it – we spent hours and hours making this movie, but hell fuck it, watch the end for a guaranteed instant hard on and maybe even your our pop just by seeing the last 90 seconds of this update.

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Oct 23

Today we have badass shemale babe Beatriz Andrade in hot and raw bareback action. Watch as this shemale stunner sucks cock and gets her tight ass fucked hard bareback. Beatriz loves to get fucked and it shows in this insane new update. Bareback tranny sex at it’s best!

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Oct 22

Sofia seduces the sound guy during rehearsal for her big opening night stage show. She throws him down on to the stage and before his hard cock can bulge against his pants, she has her mouth around it, sucking him off and making him feel like he’s hit the jack pot. But everyone knows a good blow job is never free and soon he is on his knees getting dick slapped and booty bounced by Sofia’s luscious ass and killer cock. She is perfectly hung and she knows how to use it. Fucking him, using him and cumming a massive load all over his mouth.

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Oct 21

Tiffany is settling into her new apartment when she discovers she can hear nearly everything that happens next door in her neighbor’s place. Walking around, talking on the phone – that’s noise you can drowned out over time – but when Tiffany hears the whirl of a vibrated and the moaning of a woman cumming, she pays attention. The noisy neighbor just got a whole lot more exciting to listen to.
Tiffany and Bella hit it off immediately and they bring out the hottest in each other. Tiffany verbally dominates Bella, making her cum while she talks dirty to her. They fuck in all kinds of cock in pussy visible positions and when Tiffany cums it’s a massive load – one of the biggest cum shots on the site.


Oct 20

Kitty was the top model in town and the star attraction of yet another cat walk show. All the other girls admired her, no one could work out why she was so tall and beautiful, they all wanted to know her secrets. After the show Kitty sat alone in her dressing room feeling a little lonely, so when one of the other models ask to visit she decided to break her personal rule of staying alone and let her in. Kitty was bored and desperate to finally share her secret with someone and the young model seemed to be sweet and innocent, she decided here and now was finally the time to spill the beans, or rather the balls! Kitty called the young girl close to her and then dropped her robes to reveal a large throbbing shemale cock, stood up had, begging to be eaten. The girl was not in any shock, she simply smiled and kissed Kitty, before dropping to her knees and worshipping the long slab of tranny meat in front of her. Kitty was delighted, she feared the girl would runaway in fear and tell everyone the truth, maybe even end her modelling career, instead she was devouring her cock, sucking and gagging on her knob like her life depending on it. Kitty soon puller her up for air, kissed her again, and then forcefully bent her over and fucked her like a dog. She battered her tight pussy and super tight ass hole, slamming her like a pin ball machine. When she felt her balls were close to erupting she withdrew her cock and rammed it into the young girl’s face, skull fucking her and spewing her spunk in a glorious full facial.

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