Feb 1

Cleaning the lab was never meant to be a fun occasion, but since Penny was joined at work but Polly, a fellow tranny worker, suddenly the job had become a whole lot more fun and horny. Looking at all the sticky potions and messy liquids got both the trannys horny, in a kind of weird and twisted way, and it really brought out their kinky side. Often they would end up making more mess than they found, covering each other in sticky materials, play fight and then real fucking. Both girls would soon be stripping each other out of their lab coats and stroking and sucking cock on the work tops. Penny would suck Polly’s cock, and Polly would then gobble down on Penny’s dick, as they got hard and closer and closer to orgasm. And both girls would keep their rubber gloves on, as they shared a latex and rubber fetish, making them the perfect fuck buddies. As they fucked all around the lab, knocking over test tubes and vats, slapping smooth ladyboy balls against soft tranny ass, pounding each other as hard and deep as they could, filling the building with wild screams and dirty talk, it was amazing how security never came in to inspect, although they were almost sure those guys were watching and wanking to the CCTV footage! Finally as they neared their cum explosion, they’d make their way to the containers and empty their cum in cups or tubes, ready to be drunk in the bukake session that always followed.

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Jan 31

Everytime I see this tgirl cutie I can’t say anything except, Wow! Britney Ferraz is a sassy tgirl from brazil and she has everything you are looking for, feminine curves, amazing cock and a appetite for sex. Just check her out stripping and stroking her cock for you all to enjoy!


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Jan 30

Word has gone thru Priya’s sorority about an Asian girl with a big dick. Natsumi, a Japanese futa, hears about this and gets extremely angry. When the local universities have a sorority formal party, Natsumi catches up with Priya and shows her who the head Asian ladyboy is in this sorority! Seems Priya now has a nemesis with big tits!

Jan 29


A researcher and his female assistant are in the jungle, trying to verify the reports of strange new animals roaming in the jungle. What they didn’t know is that they were being watched as well. One night, as the two were going to bed, a tiger and a panther jumped down from the tree overhead and approached the them. The researcher and assistant were surprised and intrigued because these were catgirls, but when the two catgirls came closer they were sporting large hard ons! The catgirls pounced on the pair, ripping off their clothes and wasted no time to get them naked. The panther licked the assistant’s pussy as the assistant was forced to suck the panter’s cock. The tiger held the researcher down and sucked his cock as she forced her cock into the researcher’s mouth. Things heated up as the catgirls started fucking the pair wildly. They made the guy fuck the girl, which he was going to do tonight, but the catgirls fucked them at the same time. As the pair was fucked and filled with animal cum, they were changing into hot lepoard catgirl shemales. The catgirls finished off the new catgirls with large facials as they all lay on the ground exhausted, kissing and holding each other.

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Jan 28

As soon as Jason walked in he was rock hard and I took great pleasure in sorting that out for him ;)
See me suck his hard cock and for him to pound my tight ass and cover it in his cum mmmm

Jan 27

sheanimale10He sees the beautiful girls in the park and sends his dog over to make an introduction. It’s a tactic he’s used many times before as the girls are usually scared of his German Shepherd. He comes in, shows how gentle he is with the dog and then they’re swooning over him and he gets laid. This time things work out a little differently though. What he didn’t know was that he was sending his dog after two dominant shemales that love nothing more than fucking a hot asshole with their big dicks. When the ladies see what he wants they go along with his desires but they’re quick to tie his hands and force him onto his knees where he will service their shemale dicks whether he likes it or not. It’s not the ideal result for the unlucky fellow but he doesn’t seem to mind taking a cock up the ass and a cock in the mouth like a bitch. The ladies get him good, hammering every hole with their hard schlongs and listening to him moan like a bitch. They even cum on his face and head, drenching him in their hot shemale semen.

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Jan 26


Who would of thought washing the dishes was so fun, well with a dick that needs wanking, and a ass gagging to be fucked, theres only one thing to do… fuck the dishes, get wet and soapy and shoot my much needed load all over the washboard.

Jan 25

Their first date is going so well, it is clear that Tyler and Jenna want to see more of each other. She invites him back to the college lab where she has been doing research for her degree in Human Sexuality. Tyler agrees – who wouldn’t – Jenna is so sexy, his cock is hard just sitting across from her in the dive bar.
Jenna plays him well. She even dresses up in hot latex to tease Tyler who thinks that Human Sexuality must be a sexy subject. The lap dance leads to his hard cock in her mouth and before he has a change to even question what he is getting himself into, Jenna pulls her own cock out and looks at him. Just looks at him. He knows what to do. He knows what he wants and what he hoped she meant when she asked if he could suck cock too… now the experiments begin.

Jan 24


I’ve been working out at the gym pretty hard lately, I go at night as it’s empty apart from these two hot female instructors, it’s just a shame they are both dykes! They put me onto this new supplement, I’m not sure how legal it was but it seemed to be working, my pecks were growing and the girls were taking a lot more interest in me.. And then late one night I thought I’d double up on my intake, in an attempt to get their attention, and that’s when it happened.. My peck’s weren’t just growing they were softening up, my hips started to bulge out and my body was now totally smooth all over. Oh my God, these were female hormones! The lesbians had turned me into a shemale! I was furious and went after them, but the moment they saw me with my pert breasts and hard nipples pointing out, they began to strip me down and dragged me to the empty sauna. They went straight to work eating every inch of my body. Looking at their naked, perfect 10 bodies, I was way too horny to be mad. I figured, I’ve still got my dick and the biggest hard on you could imagine, let’s show them how to use it. We fucked in every position imaginable, and looking at them exhausted, covered in my spunk, I thought, maybe this ain’t so bad..

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Jan 23

Ingrid is a newcomer that is gaining popularity fast by shemale fans. Check out this update and you’ll see why! She feeds this straight guy her cock and then fucks his ass until she drops a load all over his face. This is big cock tranny hardcore at it’s absolute best!

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