Aug 19

Blake lays in a lab bed with his head in a blackout hood and a straight jacket pinning him to bed. He can barely hear, he can not see or smell so the slightest breeze sends shivers of anticipation through his body. He is in a sensory clinic and right now in the pitch blackness of his hooded existence, in what feels like night time somehow, he can sense someone in the room. That shift in the air that indicates to our primal selves that we are not alone. His cock hardens when the presence moves closer, waving something over his body, the light touch of nails moving the hair on his thighs. Everything is bigger and more dangerous when all senses are removed and Blake is at the mercy of whomever is going to awaken his body and cock. Eva knows this, exploits it, fucks with his mind while her hand grips the head of his cock. She’s wets her lips and presses them down the shaft. Blake moans in as that explosive rush of the first touch of wetness on his cock is heighten by his complete lack of control. Eva takes out her own hard cock and slams it into his ass. She is just as hard and just as hungry to cum.

Aug 18

Bill thought he had the perfect girl. She was a real trophy girlfriend, brown-haired emerald green eyed, all his friends envied him, and every guy they passed in the street couldn’t but stop and stare at the stunning girl on Bill’s arm. The only problem was that his girlfriend wasn’t putting out. Bill knew that his girlfriend had a twin brother who looked just like her, minus the boobs of course. The twin brother was also very feminine looking, he had great potential. So much potential in fact, Bill decided to take some initiative when his girlfriend’s twin brother came to visit. When his girlfriend had to go out and meet some friend’s for diner Bill was told to entertain Sam, her visiting twin. But Bill had other ideas and decided he wanted Sam to entertain him! Bill forced Sam to put on some makeup and a wig which was identical to his sister’s hair. Once made up, Sam was forced to slip into her sexy pink nightgown and put on her used black panties, which had kiss marks all over them. It wasn’t long before Bill noticed the huge bulge Sam’s panties, it was clear Sam enjoyed being dressed up and treated like a girl. Sam didn’t need any encouragement to give Bill a blowjob, as he was playing with himself with the lingerie still on, stroking his stiff cock. Sam then slid the panties down just enough for Bill to get his dick inside Sam’s tight ass and Sam began begging for him to fuck him. Bill very happily obliged, and fucked the shit out of Sam, pummelling him hard and long. Sam soon blew his load and they 69′d each other until they had both emptied their balls completely. After that night Bill had the perfect situation; taking his girlfriend out in the day, then dressing her brother up at night and fucking him all night long.

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Aug 17

In this final episode of “The Super Soldier”, Yasmin Lee infiltrates the testing facilities where Private Ruhl is undergoing the mind manipulation experiments. It’s now or never to save Ruhl from the crazed military scientist, Dr. Axel.

Axels panics when his experiment begins to fail and it is up to Yasmin Lee to save him from killing Ruhl. A tension plot turns into a sexual fantasy to be implanted on the doctor.

Yasmin uses her commanding presence and even more demanding cock, to top both of the men in a sexy threesome. She dominates both men with her incredible fucking prowess and stamina. But will she be able to destroy the secret weaponry and save Private Ruhl from the his fate as a lab rat? Only one way to find out.

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Aug 16

Young sweet shemale cutie Alinne Garcia is looking sexier than ever in red lingerie and stockings. But do not be fooled by this stunning shemale’s innocent looks, she is a wild one in the bedroom. Just watch her destroy this straight guy’s mouth and ass the bareback way.

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Aug 12

‘A girl in every port’ that was the phrase that made me join the Navy, and only 2 weeks in to my first voyage and we were allowed out for some well earned R &R. Chad had agreed to take me to his favourite bar, promising to hook me up with some exotic local beauties! The beers were soon flowing and we found ourselves being hit on by two stunning Amazonian local gals. They were hot, hungry and exotic, just as I was promised, but I was nervous and couldn’t speak the local language so I was again grateful when Chad took control, doing all the talking. They were soon sitting on my lap, sharing a drink and flirting like you wouldn’t believe. Not only was Chad hooking me up but he seemed to be sending both the horny babes my way. Damn, what a welcome to the Navy, Chad was my new best buddy ! The next thing I know the girls take me by the hand and start leading me away to a short time hotel. I can’t stop staring at their hot bodies thinking ‘am I dreaming,’ as they throw me down on the bed and begin to undress. I look down at their sexy high heels, up their cute girl ankles, along their soft smooth calves, and over their fit and firm thighs, past their huge hung cocks peeking out under their short skirts.. Wait a minute.. huge hung cocks?!?! Suddenly I realise why Chad was so keen for me to set me up with both these unbelievably stunning girls to the room, they were horse hung shemales! I got up off the bed expecting Chad to soon burst in laughing but as soon as I did they threw me back on the bed and started to undress me. The next thing I know my cock is being sucked hard by one gal whilst the other is force feeding me her huge dick. To cut a long dirty story short, we fucked in every position conceivable and I loved it. Fucking and being fucked by these ladyboy lovelies was the best sex I ever had! The next time I saw Chad he just said, with a wink, ”I hope you enjoyed the girls.. There are plenty more where they came from,” and a huge smile came across my face..

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Aug 10

Sitting in class, working hard and bored, Christine gets a hard on. She manages to get out of school unseen but wants to fuck! Since Priya’s house is close and usually has someone home to fuck, it is an easy choice. Christine finds Priya not home but Smitha in the shower. But is that Smitha? Christine is going to get fucked but by a cock bigger than hers!

Aug 9

Isabelly Santana is gorgeous and blessed with a big thick tranny cock. This straight guy finds out all about it in this update when she feeds it to him and stretches his tight ass. Nothing like a big cock shemale in raw bareback action especially when they’re as hot as this!

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Aug 8


Busty ladyboy adventurer Lara Ravenwood had been captured, tortured and continually ass raped along her South American journey in search of the golden phallus of Quetzalcoat. The Baron who came to collect the priceless cock-shaped golden ornament was more than happy with receiving the jewel but his attention was also caught by the mug-shot of Lara laying on the cornel’s desk. Immediately obsessed by the hung, Amazonian shemale, he demanded to take her also, he wanted her made into his new fuck puppet slave. Lara was, stripped, showered and shaven in all the right places, in preparation for her first night serving the Baron. The Baron’s busty black assistant made sure Lara was totally smooth and draped in the sluttiest of outfits. Impressed by how stunning Lara looked, the Barong immediately dropped to his knees and began to worship her massive lump of shemale meat, sucking and gagging on her long length of cock like there was no tomorrow. The Baron was so horny that he untied Lara, but he cock sucking and tongue fucking skills were so good Lara couldn’t take the opportunity to make an escape, instead she just thrust her cock deeper into the Baron’s mouth and rode his tongue with her well spread asshole. The sex went on for hours and hours, getting kinkier and kinkier until Lara finally had the Baron strapped up with a ball-gag, and knocked unconscious by her large swinging cock. Now was her chance and she grabbed the golden cock jewel and climbed out of the window and into the dark of the night.

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Aug 7

You can’t ask for a hotter tranny trio than these three sexy shemale babes. When you put Kamilly Santos, Luciana Foxx and Gabriely Sabatiny together in the same scene it’s guaranteed to be insane. Watch these 3 take turns sucking and fucking each other and a straight guy!

Aug 6

Take two horny big cock tgirls and put them in a motel room together and you just know the fucking is going to get hard and dirty. And that’s exactly what happened with these two sluts got together for some fun. The ass fucking is hard and brutal and it’s gonna make your cock throb.

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