Sep 23

Patricia was fed up with watching her cousin Jack showing off, throwing balls of paper into the bin, he just didn’t seem to miss. OK, so they were both bored that Sunday afternoon, but why did he have to show off all the time, it was as if he was always trying to impress her! Jack was getting too confident and he challenged Patricia to a bet, he said she could try to put him off any way she wanted but he could still get the paper into the waste bin, and if he did she had to give him a kiss. This was perfect, she knew Jack had a crush on her and all she had to do was flash her bobs and he’d miss for sure, but even if she did lose she wouldn’t have to kiss him as she had a surprise which would make him run out the room! As Jack lined up his shot Patricia took off her top and rubbed her tits. Jack was shocked and he threw the paper high into the air, but as it hit the ceiling it bounced off at an angle and landed on Patricia, bouncing off her huge tits and into the bin. Before Patricia could reveal her surprise Jack was his lips clamped on her breast sucking like a thirsty baby. As he chewed on her large bullet nipples Patricia withdrew her massive meaty tranny cock, expecting Jack to see it and flee from her. To her surprise Jack barely flinched at it, it was as if he not only expected to see it, but couldn’t wait to bend over, spread his butt checks and take a long hard ass fucking! Patricia fucked him long hard and deep in his ass as he screamed for more – I guess this was taking the term ‘kissing cousins’ to a whole new level..

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Sep 21

Who can resist some hot young girls in sexy prom dresses, dancing and wild? We know Amanda and Nicole have no hope of resisting! Just going to the prom as chaperons has made Amanda and Nicole horny. When they see this group of wild, partying girls, I think we all know what’s going to happen. Oh, did I mention that Amanda and Nicole got a big suite in the hotel where there prom is?

Sep 20

Let Carla and Agatha take you to a whole new level of depravity when they get down and dirty together. These two are like wild animals on heat and once the fucking starts nothing is going to stop them. If you’ve never experienced two shemales in action then be prepared for some extreme action with two sluts who can’t stop fucking each other.

Sep 19


Big cock tranny hottie Adryella Vendraminy is in bareback action today. This is her first time with us but it will definitely not be her last. Watch as this hung tranny slams this straight guy deep and hard, all with no condom. When she is done with his ass, she leaves him drenched in cum!

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Sep 18

Tiffany and Bella are busy complaining about their shitty summer internships when Bella finds a vibrator in the bed she’s stripping.
She CAN NOT believe Tiffany has never seen a vibrator before. What? She dismiss Tiffany’s disapproving looks and gets down with her new toy, rubbing her clit with it until she cums. Tiffany watches Bella cum but refuses to try the toy until Bella convinces her to let her put it on her clit over her skirt. Bella has no idea what she’s rubbing is Tiffany’s bulging cock that presses tight against her panties while Bella rubs her with the vibrator.

Tiffany had planned to tell Bella about her cock, but the right time just never seemed to be right. Now, however, Tiffany can no longer keep her mouth shut, she pulls back her panties and shows Bella why she’s not all that familiar with vibrators. Tiffany’s cock is thick and hard and a dazzle of pre-cum is just waiting to slip into Bella’s cunt.

Tiffany spreads Bella wide and plows into her wet slit. These two are very attracted to each other and it shows in the sex they have – explosive, sensual and rough all at once. Tiffany pulls out of Bella just in time for Bella to jerk a HUGE load of cum out of her cock. Her load is so big Bella nearly starts to giggle with surprise.


Sep 17

shemaletugjobs8Jo Garcia is one gorgeous brunette shemale hottie with a womanly physique and a monster meat pole in her panties that she loves to expose for the camera. This horny t-girl stripped out of her lingerie and her shemeat was already standing at attention ready for some stroking and Jo could hardly wait to wrap her hands around that big shaft of hers and pump every inch of it until she was moaning in lust. It wasn’t long before this shemale babe was pumping hard and fast and squirting out a wad of shecock goo.

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Sep 16

The famous Vaniity shows off her fucking talent and dominate side in this debut shoot for

The chemistry between Katie Summers and Vaniity is genuine, raw and purely sexual as they quickly go from foreplay to hardcore fucking.

Vaniity is visiting a new high end spa for the first time. A massage full of sexual tension makes it barely possible for Vaniity to keep her cock from stiffing while Katie rubs her down. Katie grazes Vaniity’s ass – a forbidden, subtle signal that she finds this voluptuous Latin woman too hot to deny. When it comes time for Vaniity to remove her panties for her waxing both women are hard and wet. Katie can’t resist – she breaks every rule and puts her lips on Vaniity’s cock. This slow, timid, licking soon turns into a deep throating, hungry blow job. Vaniity binds Katie and gags her so no one hears as she fucks her ass and pussy with the relentless, legendary pounding. Katie shakes in a continual spasm of orgasms and the scene ends with Vaniity jerking a huge load on Katie’s face.

Sep 15

Venus Lux looks you right in the eye and slips her hard cock up your ass. You feel her glide in and that intense pain is only eased but her hand wrapped around your dick. She’s stroking your cock while her every own dick slides in and out of you. It’s almost too much. She so close and so dominating it’s almost too hard to keep a boner. Almost.

TS Venus Lux shows off her hardcore dominating and merciless fucking skills in this rare submissive POV shoot.
She seduces you, makes you beg and then she does not listen to another word you say. Instead you breath your pain and desire into your pillow until your cock is milked dry. And when you sensitive dick is still hard and the cum dripping out of you is still hot, Venus shoves your dick in her ass and uses your rod to make her bust her Queen load all over you. She leaves you for your wife to find. And while you lie there in that small amount of time before all hell breaks loose in your bedroom, you relish the distant sting of her nails on your chest, and touch your now stretched, gaping asshole as it throbs from where her huge cock was once.

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Sep 15


Young big cock tranny Gabriela Lira has arrived and she is in hot bareback action today. Watch as this tgirl cutie slams this straight guy deep in his mouth and ass with no condom. She does have a sweet side though, as you will she when she jerks him off while fucking his tight ass.

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Sep 14

These hard working shemale chicks were busy working a way when things got a little out of hand and they decided to clean more then just the room. These girls were ready for a break that would leave them sated and drained and have their shecocks limp with happiness. Jessica, Julia, Suzy and Shannara began to explore each others bodies and thought it would be a waste not to make use out of the big bed in the room. They took off their gloves and threw down their cleaners before fondling each others sweet tits, tight asses and lusty shecocks. It became an all out tranny orgy as they removed their clothes and began to suck each others girl poles and then pump their asses full of the others she meats. These lusty t-girls spent the rest of the day riding each others shafts and sucking each other until they were spewing their hot and sticky loads all over their asses in pure ecstasy.

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